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​Attics ​And Crawl Spaces

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​​Mold Remediation Spokane WA is here to assist you if you're concerned that your home has been exposed to conditions conducive to mold growth."

From the initial inspection to crucial testing and, of course, remediation, we’re the Spokane WA mold remediation team you can depend on for conclusive pre-service research and  thorough results!

Mold Remediation

Our mold remediation service is a comprehensive approach that not only removes mold but also addresses the underlying causes of mold growth. We'll assess your property, identify the source of the problem, and create a customized plan to prevent future mold growth. 

​Our team guarantees that mold remediation service will be successful. When you spend your hard-earned money on a service, it should be exactly what is promised. Because the people of Spokane trust us with their homes, that’s exactly what we provide. ​

Mold Removal

When we speak of mold removal Spokane WA homeowners can trust, we are referring to the process that restores normal, low levels of mold within their homes. 

Mold remediation in Spokane is best left to the pros because we possess this knowledge.

​We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to remove mold from interior areas without putting homeowners, their families, or our employees at risk.

Mold Testing

Discover the quality and precision of our Mold Testing Service, designed to provide you with accurate insights into your indoor air quality. 

​​We’ll conduct your mold testing in several areas of your home to get an accurate picture of what’s going on in your home.

Through comprehensive testing and analysis, we offer a detailed assessment of potential mold risks, helping you make informed decisions about your living or working space.

​With our Mold Testing Service, you'll gain valuable knowledge about the air you breathe, enabling you to take proactive steps towards a healthier and mold-free environment.

Mold Inspection

​Our mold inspection service is ideal for those who suspect mold but aren't sure.

​We use specialized equipment such as moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to detect hidden mold growth, and we'll provide you with a detailed report and recommendations for next steps..

Our skilled inspectors employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques to identify and locate any mold presence, even in hard-to-reach areas. We provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the extent of mold growth, potential causes, and recommended steps for remediation. With our Mold Inspection service, you can take proactive measures to protect your property, health, and the well-being of those you care about.

Attic Mold Removal

Introducing our premier Attic Mold Removal Service, where we specialize in restoring your attic to a safe and mold-free condition. Our skilled team of professionals is committed to utilizing advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to eliminate mold, ensuring a healthy living environment for you and your family.

​By addressing the root causes of mold growth, we guarantee long-lasting results that protect both your property's structure and your well-being. Trust us to rejuvenate your attic, creating a fresh and breathable space that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Mold Remediation Expert

Trusted Mold Remediation and Removal Service in Spokane WA

Discover the key to a healthier, mold-free living with our Trusted Mold Remediation and Removal Service in Spokane, WA. We are dedicated to transforming your spaces into clean and safe havens.

​Effective mold remediation in Spokane WA isn’t hard to find as long as you know who to call. Trust the company that so many others already have: Mold Remediation Spokane WA!   ​

So glad I chose them for mold removal in Spokane! They did excellent work for me thank you!
Brian Knight
Spokane WA
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Polite and Punctual

​I hired Mold Remediation Spokane WA to take care of my mold problem in the attic and I couldn't be more pleased! These guys really know what they're doing and are polite and punctual. It's as if the mold was never there!"

Spokane WA

Professional and Experience

I decided to give these guys a call. They were professional in every aspect of the business and were able to remove the attic mold I was experiencing with ease. Not only that but they came back and retested for mold 30 days later free of charge!

​Stellla Glaudis
​Spokane WA

Can be counted on to do the job right the first time! After having a horrible experience with a different mold removal company I called them. They took care of me hassle free and there is no further mold presence in my home!

​Jameika Pearson​
​Spokane WA

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